Kauppakadun Improbatur



This year ticket sale has following restrictions: 1 person can purchase Impro-pass (4 pcs) for one team or 2 pcs Solopasses. Impro-passes can only be purchased by a member of the team (if necessary, the identity will be verified).


Impro-passes are only sold for people attending the team competition. Passes valid for team competition will only be sold 4 pcs at a time. When buying the tickets you will have to have a name for your team and the names of you team members. Only limited number of teams will fit in!


Solopasses are sold individually. Solopass does not grant you to take part in the team competition. Every one with solopass who collects all the stamps will be eligible in a lottery to win one smart watch. Solopass grants you to take part in solopass owners’ own competition.

Tickets to Albatrossi

There is a limited amount of tickets to the show of Maustetytöt from 21:00. Tickets are sold at Albatrossi. Price for the ticket is 10€.

Event info

Event info takes place in Ale Pupi at Tuesday 21.9.2021 between 15.30 – 21.00.

Ticket pre-sale

Impro-passes and Solopasses are sold in advance at ticket pre-sale points starting at 6.9.2021 (see: Rules & timetable).
Both passes are 12 €/pcs. There are limited amount of both passes!

- Bar & cafeSAVOTTA, Microkadun kampus/kampussydän, Microkatu 1 D 1. krs