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Passes & rules



Ticket info

Impropasses are only sold for people attending the team competition. Passes valid for team competition will only be sold 4 pcs at a time. When buying the tickets you will have to have a name for your team and the names of you team members. Only limited number of teams will fit in!

Read more about the rules below.

Mission 1

= 10 drink/food stamps

Collect 10 drink/Improfood stamps and you will receive event patch mark.

Mission 2

= 13 visit stamps

Collect stamp from every one of the 13 event restaurants an you will get free admittance to the evening party at Albatrossi.

Mission 3

= team competition

By participating in the team competition, you can compete for the Impro main prize and other great prizes.


Ticket info

Solopasses are sold individually. Solopass does not grant you to take part in the team competition. Impro’s main prize will be drawn among those who collected stamps for the Solopass and returned the pass to Albatross.

Read more about the rules below.

Mission 1

= 10 drink/food stamps

Collect 10 drink/Improfood stamps and you will receive event patch mark.

Mission 2 / X

= 14 visit stamps

Collect stamp from every one of the 14 event restaurants an you will get free admittance to the evening party at Albatrossi.

Mission X: Complete Mission 2 and return the pass to Albatrossi and you will participate in the lottery of an amazing prize.

Mission 4

= solo competition

By participating in solo competition you can compete to win Impro’s main prize.

Tickets to evening party at Albatrossi

A limited number of tickets for SPEKTI’s concert will be sold at the door of Albatross from 21:00. The entrance ticket price at the door is 10 euros.

Impro food



Simly Cheese 15€

Open-fire grilled burger patty 150g, Liepuska Potato bun, cheddar cheese, ketchup, Nakumajo, Myrttinen’s pickles and spring onions. Plus french fries.

Pancho Villa

Cheese meal 12€

Pancho’s cheeseburger, house fries and remu dip (the meal can also be served with a veggie steak if you wish)



This year ticket sale has following restrictions: 1 person can purchase Impro-passe (4 pcs) for one team or 2 pcs Solopasses. Impro-passes can only be purchased by a member of the team (if necessary, the identity will be verified).

Event passes

On sale there is Impro-passes and solopasses. Both passes are 12€ / pcs. Passes are sold from pre-sale places on Monday 11.9.2023 from 8:00 a.m. Impropass grants you to participate in the team competition. With Solopass you cannot participate in the team competition, but Solopass grants you participation in Mission X and Mission 4.

Mission 1

Collect 10 drink / Impro food stamps in the event pass. You get the stamp from the event restaurant when you buy drink or food portion. At least one stamps must be from Impro food , water or refreshments. Drinks are priced from 1,00 euro to 4,00 euros. Impro food is available Burger5, Foodi and Pancho Villa restaurant. Only one stamp per restaurant.

After collecting ten stamps your prize is Impro 2023 patch mark (overall mark). Collect it at Albatrossi on the event night. Time for collecting the stamps: 16.00 – 22.00.

Mission 2

Collect 13 visit marks for Impropass or 14 visit marks for Solopass from the event restaurants and you can access free on the final party. You get visiting stamp on a separate event stamp point in the restaurant either from an involved partner in event or Impro-employee.

Visiting stamp does not require the purchase of a drink. When the pass has all 13 or 14 stamps, it works as a ticket to Albatrossi restaurant on the door (21.00->). NOTE! Non-stamped or a partially stamped pass will not grant free entry to the Albatrossi!  Time for collecting the stamps is 16.00 – 22.00.

Mission 3

You can participate in the team competition only with the Impropass. A team must have four members and each member must have its own event pass. Please notice, that you can not participate to team competition with Solopass.

The number of teams participating is limited. Team passes can only be purchased in sets of 4 pcs, and you must know the name of your team and team members at the time of purchase.

When registering teams will receive team number and the starting place where team competition must start. Competition points can be found on each event restaurant, excluding Impro food (Burger5, Pancho Villa), info (Ale Pupi), Solo competition (Bar Lasku) and night party (Albatrossi).

The most successful teams will be rewarded!

1. 4 pcs x Samsung LSP3B The Freestyle Full HD projector + Carrying Case
2. 4 pcs x Lenovo Tab M9 – 64 Gt tablet
3. 4 pcs x JBL Clip 4 -Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

+ many other prizes!!

In addition, the Improin team will be awarded with 4 x JBL Clip 4 -Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Note! The Improin team is not the team with the worst points, but something completely different?!

Take advantage of the entire competition period 16.00 – 22.00, as the competition points are expected to be jammed.

Mission 4

Also solo participants (purchased the solopass) can compete of the Impro main prize. Competition takes place at Bar Lasku, where participants are expected to have stable hands and great accuracy.

Note that you can not participate in this with the Impropass.

Solo competition prizes:

Lenovo Tab M9 – 64 Gt tablet
JBL Clip 4 -Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Burger5 gift card (50 e)
Pancho Villa gift card (50 e)
Bar Freetime gift card (€50)

Mission X

You can only participate in Mission X with Solopasses. Complete Mission 2, so collect all the visit stamps, return the passport with your contact information to the Albatross ticket office and you will participate in the Samsung LSP3B The Freestyle Full HD projector + Carrying Case raffle.

Impro costume -competition

Team contestants or solo performers can participate in the IMPRO COSTUME COMPETITION of 3 to 5 people. You can participate in the competition between 17:00 and 22:00 by taking a picture in front of Impro’s selfie wall in the restaurant Bar Nousu and sharing the picture on Instagram #improinasu2023, @kauppakadunimpro.

Impro’s outfit is chosen based on the following criteria:
1. Outfit
2. A short story related to the accessory

The winner of the competition will be awarded with Puijon Torn’s local food menu for four people

In addition, the most likes will be awarded on 20.9. photo received by 04:00 with a Henkan Sauna gift card!


Evening party
The evening party will be held in the restaurant Albatross from 9:00 p.m. You can get to the evening party with a fully stamped event pass. Tickets will be sold at the door starting at 21:00 for a limited price of €10/piece. Spekti performs at the evening party. Before the gig, at around 11:45 p.m., the team competition awards will be handed out.

Dresscode student overall (if you have)
You do not need to be a student to attend.

Age limit 18 and above
Take care of your friend and keep the city center tidy – ja naatiskellaan kohtuuvella! (and enjoy reasonably!) Prepare to have cash because it’s faster to pay with that!

Leave your backpacks home!
Taking backpacks inside the restaurants is prohibited, so they should always be left in the cloakroom when entering restaurants. So backpacks should be left at home and take just the things you truly need with you. Especially queue at Albatrossi will be long and space in cloakroom might run out!