Event organizer:

We’ll meet you again at Kauppakatu in 2024!

Awarded teams and event photos you can find here.

Until event starts:


Impropasses are only sold for people attending the team competition. Passes valid for team competition will only be sold 4 pcs at a time. When buying the tickets you will have to have a name for your team and the names of you team members. Only limited number of teams will fit in!


Solopasses are sold individually. Solopass does not grant you to take part in the team competition. Every one with solopass who collects all the stamps will be eligible in a lottery to win one smart watch.

VIP-pass lottery

How would you feel if you had VIP treatment in Impro? Take part in Impro VIP-passes -lottery before 1.9.2023 12:00 to win!

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