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History of Impro

Kauppakatu Improbatur, more familiarly known as Kauppakatu Impro or Impro for short, has been organized in its current form since 2006. Its predecessor was Kauppakatu Korkkajaiset, which was organized for the first time in 2000.

More than 1,000 visitors participate in the event every year, and it is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student events in Kuopio this fall. Impro is organized by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences student union SAVOTTA.

The idea of the event is that new and continuing students get to know the entire Kauppakatu restaurant coverage in the same event. During the event, students tour restaurants collecting stamps for the event pass and participate in task check-offs.

The main part of the event is fully filled with great prizes and top actors. The prize coverage includes electronics from smart watches, phones to laptops. In Impro’s follow-up parties at the restaurant Albatross, over the years, party bands as well as leading artists have performed, e.g. Irina, Zen Café, Stig, Jukka Poika.

Take a look below at the videos, pictures and winning teams of the previous Impros. See you at Impro!


Team competition

  1. Mr. Worldwides (125)
  2. öyhöttäjät (80)
  3. Team RataApinat (114)
  4. Erikoinen (117)
  5. Slim Treats (112)
  6. Syötävät (92)
  7. Hökäleet (135)
  8. LöysätVIPlehmät (126)
  9. Kkonat (15)
  10. SacreBleue (142)
  11. PeltiMansikka (39)
  12. Milloin bileet on? (58)
  13. Myötie (98)

Improest team
Sanansaattajat (94)

Improest team got zero points in the playing card color guessing task.

Improest costume -competition
MOST LIKES, Kinkkustringit

Solo competition

  1. Ninni Mäkinen
  2. Juuso Leskinen
  3. Janita Dahlström
  4. Teemu Pennanen
  5. Samuli Huttunen


Event photos

Improin costume

Avara Luonto